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Here you will find all the achievements
from Lubra OT.

Achievements are extra goals that you can accomplish while playing Tibia. This list offers you an overview of all common achievements that can be reached in Tibia. However, there are also a number of secret achievements which you have to discover yourself. Show off your five most impressive achievements on your character page.

Compare yourself with other characters of your game world in the "Highscores". Achievements yield a certain number of points depending on their grade of difficulty:

  • Grade 1: 1-3 points
  • Grade 2: 4-6 points
  • Grade 3: 7-9 points
  • Grade 4:  10 points

Grade 1 Achievements Tibia Achievement
Allow Cookies?
With a perfectly harmless smile you fooled all of those wisecrackers into eating your exploding cookies. Consider a boy or girl scout outfit next time to make the trick even better.

Grade 2 Achievements Tibia Achievement Tibia Achievement
Amateur Actor
You helped bringing Princess Buttercup, Doctor Dumbness and Lucky the Wonder Dog to life - and will probably dream of them tonight, since you memorised your lines perfectly. What a .. special piece of.. screenplay.

Grade 3 Achievements Tibia Achievement Tibia Achievement Tibia Achievement
Animal Activist
You have a soft spot for little, weak animals, and you do everything in your power to protect them - even if you probably eat dragons for breakfast.
You've daringly jumped into the infamous Annihilator and survived - taking home fame, glory and your reward.

Grade 4 Achievements Tibia Achievement Tibia Achievement Tibia Achievement Tibia Achievement
There are currently no achievements of this grade available.
We will add exciting new achievements in future updates, so stay tuned!

Secret Achievements
In addition to the common achievements, there are 1 achievements that you need to discover for yourself. There is no information about these achievements on our website. Keep your eyes and ears open! Maybe you can catch a hint in the game or on the forum.
Monster of the Day Boss of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
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